Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carol, Victor Hugo, Hunting Museum Yesterday!

 Yesterday was amazingly perfect, hot and sunny. We walked to the Victor Hugo House on Places des Vosges, stopping into chocolate shops and parks....These are sculptures in a studio through the dappled glass windows....
 Carol and Harper at the end of the day, exhausted and satisfied and in love.....

 Guthrie showing Carol his sketchbook:
 Setting out for the day, crossing our street, Rue de Turbigo:
 Breton truck....
 Carol at lunch, at a restaurant she ate at with Kevin years ago + it was fabulous. She had her perfect steak frites + I had the most delicious and fresh salad with avocado, shrimp and salmon with cream dill dressing - the kids had ravioli and chicken and fries....
 Carol photographing a little painted mouse at the Hunting Museum:
 Chandeliers at the Hunting Museum / Musee de la Chasse

 Harper being a kitty cat with Carol:

 Victor Hugo's house is incredible:
 Harper took this one:

 Carol reflected in our living room mirror over the flowers I got for her arrival:
 Supposedly the most delicious gauffres in the world:
 exterior of the Musee de la Carnivalet (museum of the history of Paris):
 Couple resting in a park:
 Sign that Carol photographed years ago:
 At the Alice in Wonderland tea house in le Marais:

 Harper lost a tooth the night Carol arrived!

 Victor Hugo's house:

 Victor Hugo's ink stand:
 His bedroom:

 Les Miserables' Cosette:
 Hugo's notebook, one of many:

 for Nico:

 for Nico:

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