Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunny Monday

 The bittersweet beginning of our last week in Paris = hot sun, not a cloud in the sky! Packed one suitcase, sorted and purged, grocery shopped and went walking with the kids to get some ice cream at the end of Rue Nicolas Flamel, at the end of which sits the Tour St. Jacques: violette, rose, salted caramel, macaron flavors were ours today. And we saw this pretty car:
 Candleholders in a random church we stopped into for some cool air and calm:

 The church was full of magical light from the high sun outside:

 Reflection on the sidewalk from a mirror diamond tag on the side of a building:
 Window glass in the Passage:
 Guthrie's sweet new haircut!

 Pews from above:

 The cool as a cucumber salon dog:

 Right after Guthrie's haircut:
 Sex shop:
 Paper lights in the garbage:
Carol Mavor arrives tomorrow for 2 nights and we have an appointment to go to Bernard Faucon's on Thursday!!!!!!!!

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