Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunny Tuesday

 We saw this scissors sign on our way home from the doctor's office where Guthrie got his stitches out, rue Turenne.

 Graffiti truck at a traffic light during our delicious Focaccia dinner - sitting outside!
Rue de  Turenne Memorial sign:
 Beautiful mural in our neighborhood covered with graffiti:

 Guthrie striking a pose:

 On our 5th floor (4eme etage) landing at the elevator:
 In the elevator

 At the Foccacceria

 Harper with her hair down and lipstick on, in her Stella McCartney dress:

 Rue Vaucanson memorial on a school:
 My Negroni and David's beer:
 Shadow of a man at the park chess table
 Sign discarded on the street - for Paul Valadez:
 Daddy at the playground with the kids

 Rona Pondick show:


 David getting his haircut
 Memorial to Maurice Bassis:
 Our charcuterie plate at the Focaccaria
 Dogknocker - for Amy Ruth

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