Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Le Moulin de Parrot / The Countryhouse near Requista = Heaven on Earth

We left our apartment in Paris at 7:30am on Saturday from the underground Louvre parking garage and headed out of Paris. Unbeknownst to us and a million others, the main road, A10, was closed for about 50 miles so after 4 hours of sitting in standstill traffic, we had gone 2 miles! I ended up driving over 100mph once we hit th eopne A6 and having expected to arrive at the amazing millhouse at 5pm, we arrived at 8pm!
The house belongs to my dear friend via blog/email, Barbara Mellor, who translated the incredible book, RESISTANCE, about Agnes Humbert - one of the first French women to organize resistance against the nazis. We are renting it for a week and our Swedish friends, Annika, Arvid, Astor and Tuvva are here enjoying it with us. I am doing this blog on David's crazy IBM so it is difficult to upload/control it and I can not upload images from my Nikon, so everything you are seeing is from my iPhone - the Lumiere app + the images are mixed up betweem the day before we left Paris and this gorgeous Aveyron region.

Like this Saint Elizabeth Sacristy in Paris:

I love this fiberglass seal balancing a fiberglass beachball near the saltwater pool......Astor, Guthrie, David and Harper trying to get across the waterfall to find islands and trout, crawfish and frogs....
Astor and Harper above, one of Annika + Arvid's twins, a sweet and culinary boy. They made a swedish eal for us last night of mashed potatoes, meatballs and salad. Astor made a few extra meatballs filled with roquefort cheese! And darling dapper David below, leading the excursion:

 The river that runs beside and under the millhouse, providing a rushing constant sound of water running over rocks, waterfalls crashing down, birds swooping and chirping....

Astor + Guthrie above during our excursion. (I ended up turning around and going back home to sit and swim naked, only to discover a very loud frog trapped in the pool filter!)

Self-Portraits on the excursion:

 The seal in color:

Beautiful Tuvva reading on the back terrace after dinner:
 The stone steps from the entrance drive up to where you can hang laundry to dry and the kids want to build a fort:
An old stone wall from an old house? shed? With flowers and weeds growing on top of it:
 The sign - The Mill of the Parrot - welcoming us to heaven:
One of my favoruite flowers - hollyhock? foxglove? or? - that when picked and brought inside in a yellow enamel pitcher attract ants like nobody's business:

Annika and me being as crazy as were in high school:

 Accidental double-exposure, just like in high school!
The mother and 2-month old baby horse of our neighbors' - about a mile up the road:

That's it for now - when I can, I will post more photos from my Nikon, but the day after we get back to Paris, on Sunday, I go to Kassel for the Documenta....


  1. Hi there! Barbara posted me to your blog, we are lucky enough to be at the mill right now! This is our fifth time, once you've been it's almost impossible not to come back. Lovely lovely photos, Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine. Have a wonderful stay. Any frogs in the pool yet? best, elin

  2. No but an Otter set off the alarm last night we ran down to see it just getting out of the pool!