Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation + Montparnasse Cemetery

Kathy tells me these are Japanese Iris. I love them in this apartment. This is just one of our grand mirrors!

 An architectural detail at a school in Montparnasse:
 Straight out of the metro on the way to see Susan Sontag + Tristan Tzara's graves:
 Our delightful pastries from a shop on our street:

 Father's Day pastries and a card from Guthrie - that's the Eiffel Tower on the right:
 Card from Harper:
 Montparnasse found poster-collage:
 Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation stairwell:
 Current exhibition at Bresson Foundation:

 Looking out of Bresson Foundation:

 One of my favorite Bresson's:

 "I have always been irritated by the tautology of photography." - Yutaka Nakanashi
 Takanashi details:

 Montparnasse Cemetery where you can walk for hours and never be bored:

 I gasped when I found Susan Sontag's grave....

 And I was happy to find Jean Seberg's grave so close to the main entrance - one of my heroines!

Seberg's neighborhood:

 Absolutely perfect that Tzara's grave was so wild amidst the order:

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