Monday, July 30, 2012

Last full day in Paris: the Louvre and the street

 Such a luxury to breeze past the long lines at the Louvre with my UNC faculty ID - kids are free - and go see amazing art 3 times this trip! Today was the day to see my favorite paintings and the Wim Deloyve show - our last full day here......Have always loved Cranach.....especially this painting which I now see with Amy Ruth Buchanan at my side:

 Backwards graffiti in our metro station:

 Kids at the Cultural Communication building, at the stones that read BON ENFANTS (good children):
 neat display of jewelry at a little shop in a passage where I bought a beautiful silk top and a funky silver bag....

 Napolean's chandelier:

 in Belleville yesterday with Huong Ngo:
 Very sweet menage a trois Napolean furniture:
 Crazy scale - man with dog:
 dragonfly sign in the little passge:
 D U R E R !

love these little cupids in black hoods at a funeral:

 Joan of Arc:

 lovely ladies:

 Guthrie noticed these sunprints of leaves on the sidewalk!
 Standing beside a VW very much like the one my parents drove us 6 kids all over Europe in when I was 6 years old!
 One of my favorite paintings ever. This used to be in Lyon when we lived there in 1999.....

 Kids in Napolean's apartment:

 for Chris Marker who died today at age 91:
 this rooster is not for sale:
 Saint Sebatian:
 Wim Deloyve, laser cut metal in the pyramid and throughout Napolean's apartment:
 and one piece in porcelain:
 I did not much like most of Deloyve's sculptures - too garish and funded by Mercedes-Benz....

 Marble bone:
 Silk carpeted pigs - the kids hated all of his work, especially the animals, which they thought were mean and disrespectful of Deloyve....

 Napolean's dining room:

 so Jeff Koons:

 Rabbit Slippers (real), the most upsetting piece for the kids:

 Lacecut tires: