Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bateau on the Seine

One of the great things about having kids is that you do things you'd never do otherwise. I have been to Paris countless times but have never taken a boat down the Seine. Today is Mother's Day in France. David went out and got lovely pastries and croissants for breakfast and then we went on a lovely boat trip, on an overcast and cool day, stopping at the Eiffel Tower for some fun.....

 Only one lift working at the Eiffel Tower - appears to be under some great repair.

 Incredible sculpture to the rights of man in the park at the Eiffel Tower...

Marais door

 Fantastic trees are everywhere in Paris

 Equality my Rights - from one of my favorite Man Ray photographs of two women in love
 A Figue = marzipan wrapped pastry filled with cream - divine!

 Kids rode pedal carts around and around a ring near the Eiffel Tower

 The kids shared a pink/raspberry and brown/chocolate meringue - hated the smell of them but got their faces sticky with sugar nonetheless

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  1. Formidable! Or have I already said that??? You know what I mean - j'adore tous photos!