Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bois de Vincennes

Antique shop near the Louvre
 Big Buddha in the Pagoda in the huge park, Bois de Vincennes, during a Sri Lankan festival
 Family at the cool Daniel Buren square at Palais Royal
 Kids and Maxence (Laurence + Eric's boy) in the manmade grotto in Bois de Vincennes
 Chateau Vincennes
 Saint Eustace church
 Window display at Palais Royal
 Bois de Vincennes park where we had our first picnic this trip
 David in his Rirkrit t-shirt from the Palais de Tokyo, "Less oil. More courage."
 David in Father's day in the Bois de Vincennes in his new hat

 Guthrie, Harper, David, Laurence, Maxence + Eric walking through the Bois de Vincennes where we saw adult and baby swans, remote control boats, peacocks showing off in the wild....
 Guthrie on Buren

 Harper with her candy

 Kids in the metro with Modigliani

 The lake in Bois de Vincennes

 Picnic! Baguettes with ham, pecorino, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olives; fresh melon; san pelligrino, roasted chicken, delicious camembert.....

 Mannequin in our neighborhood
 Mannequin near the Louvre

 Maxence, with whom Guthrie and Harper had a blast playing soccer and chase....

 Palais Royal

 My shoe repair shop
 Bosch statuettes


 waterlilies in Bois de Vincennes

These next ones are from David's iPhone. Harper rolled in dog doodoo and had to wear her leather jacket as a shirt and was too hot, so David gave her his shirt and Laurence gave him her sweater. He got some pretty curious stares!
Harper looking so adorable in David's shirt. She got some stares too!

 Harper before the dog doodoo in the manmade grotto
 Amazing peacock!

 Swan family

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