Friday, June 1, 2012

Paris Strolling

On our way to meet William Pfaff at his splendid apartment with rose terraces and a view of the Eiffel Tower, walking through Parc Monceau and find a walkway named after the first parachutist! Pfaff, a writer for the International Herald Tribune, among other papers and magazines, went to Notre Dame University with my dad in the 1950s!

 Kids reading in Jardin de Tuileries
 Vote Against Capitalism! (for Sabine Gruffat)

 Canal at night, just a few blocks from our apartment...
 Gutter your dog sign - not many people follow this.
 Parc Monceau, David finding a place on the map out of the rain
 The Stranger with illustrations by Jose Munoz!!!
 Parc Monceau gates

 Metro detail

 Jardin de Tuileries
 Jardin de Tuileries, bizarrely phallic sculpture

 Queens for sale
 cat shoes
 snake handles
 kids in a VW van pizza place, Pink Flamingo! We had a delicious gorgonzola, fig and ham pizza!

 Window display in Marais

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