Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My oldest friend, from 6th grade, is here!

When I was in 6th grade my dad got a fulbright to Kassel, Germany and my parents sent me to the public German school where I became friends with Christine, who remains my oldest friend. Found out years later that my mom helped to translate the catalogue into English. It was the year of Joseph Beuys dog sleds coming out of the back of a VW bus  an unforgettable and formative art experience for me. Chris arrived today from Heidelberg and we strolled through the Marais, stopping into lots of galleries, including this amazing Espace Photographique de L'Hotel de Sauroy with a mediocre show by Sylvia Schildge:

 Stopped into a very grey and ultra-modern gallery for a super slick hideous show by so and so, but we both liked these very post-Richter and Loretta Lux:

 Yves Lambert gallery exhibiting Cerith Wyn Evans:

 for Amy White:

Right next to the Yves Lambert gallery is the Yves Lambert amazing bookshop where I found and bought a gorgeous hardcover book of Herve Guibert's photographs!

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