Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thunderstorm shopping....

The backside of a nearby bookshop...
 Ceramic studio door:
 Saint Elizabeth's, again:

 The thunderstorm passing through the 15th arrondisement:
 The delicious shortbread cookies Jaime and the kids made today. I ate 3 when I got home with nutella and rock salt....
 Jaime and the cookies on her last day babysitting. Harper cried after we said goodbye. We lucked out with her! THANKS JAIME!

Frame shop:

Our favorite nieghborhood gelateria: Mary's, where the proprietor speaks only Italian and serves us white choclate, cinnamon (Guthrie's); raspberry and white chocolate (Harper's); dark chocolate and raspeberry for Jaime. David and I always share the Fleur d'Orange and choclate!

 Harper and Jaime:
 Guthrie found a perfect hook for our umbrella out walking:
 No, NOT the Front National, but L'AFFRONT NATIONAL:

 An animal does not cry....he suffers in silence - metro poster:
 another metro poster:

 In the middle of a thunderstorm where I sat comfortably under an awning, sipping cafe creme:

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