Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Apartment

David gets back tomorrow and then we head south to a great millhouse with a pool, river, islands, the meantime, entertaining myself withmy iPhone taking photos of our place - Guthrie's airplane on the hallway table:

 Detail of our bedroom armoir:
 Bathroom floor:
 Bedroom curtain:
 Bedroom chair:
 Bedside light:
 Bedroom ceiling:
 Living room chairs:

 Dining room chest:
 Mantel clock:

 One of my collages that Guthrie thinks is so weird:
 Couch and fireplace:

 Dining room cupboard:
 Dining room chair:

 Hallway flower painting:
 A wire heart Guthrie made from something he found on the street, hanging on our kitchen window:
 Hallway mirror:

 Another hallway mirror:
 Bad drawings I did of the kids tonight as they watched a movie on my laptop:
 Door locks:
 Odd madonna on top of the fuse box in the hallway:
 Bedroom mirror:
 Living room mirror:
 Painting over our table that the kids think is George Washington as a baby:
 Postcards from the Museum of Evolution:
 Rodin postcard taped to a framed Durer:
 Kitchen sink soap dish:
 Wax stars from Madeleine:
 Dining room table and chairs:
 Vase on top of our armoir:

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