Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yesterday in Paris and the day before

We were without internet service for the last 48 hours so I am just catching up on my blog. My German friend Chris left yesterday afternoon. We miss her. She was such a fun sport with the kids, bringing a cool soccer ball and playing with Guthrie and chasing them through the streets....Here is Guthrie between galleries, copying the graffiti:

 Four swaying trees on Ile St. Louis - saw them before with Tama too:
 Three kid boxers striking a pose:
 Toy gun from a crazy toy shop:
 In the Camper shoe store:
 Window display in le Marais:
 Chris and David pretending to be intellectuals at a very delicious French-Japanese neighborhood restarurant, Nanashi, where the food you eatmakes you feel healthy and clean and full: edamame, soft spring rolls, salmon sashima on top of perfect rice and greens, duck soba, tofu soba, sake......

 The duck soba with leeks that everybody loved:
 Bike lane:

 Musee D'Orsay - really have never liked Degas and I like him even less after the mediocre and crowded show of his nudes - academic, dry and bad. But seeing Courbet's Origin of the World and the small collection of historical photographs made the Musee D'Orsay worth it. I must admit that knowing that Susan Sontag did not like the museum via Alice Kaplan's amazing book, Dreaming in French, tainted my vision:
 The Atget show will probably be one of the best shows I have ever seen in my lifetime. Saw it with Madeleine at the Musee Carnivalet,  metro posters for it:
 Family portrait by Chris, reminds me of Richter:
 Chris delicious focaccia with goat cheese, feta, mozzerrella, basil, olives, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, hot peppers, parmesan, artichoke hearts.....

 Bang bang!

 Harper, after Harry Callahan

 Harper happy in the rain....
 My little Harpie Starlet
 Felt window display:

 Detail from the famous "lock bridge", behind Notre Dame,  where supposedly someone left a padlock in the 1970s for their true love and now everyone leaves one......
 Found Harper a red beret for 1 euro at a church sale! We had been looking for one and they are all cheaply made and over 10 euros......
 Chris and her umbrella:
 The Seine:
 Happy at Nanashi:

 Man feeding the pigeons:

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