Thursday, June 14, 2012


Gave the babysitter the day off because it was finally sunny and took the kids up to Sacre Coeur for a stroll through Monmartre. We had gourmet chocolates - lemon, orange, salted caramel in a speckled egg form, crepes, ice cream and french fries - what a day! Found the St. Jean church that I liked much more than Sacre Coeur - here is a detail from the door:

 The best mime I have ever seen. He didn't even move when we put money in his bucket! I only saw his eye move a teeny tiny bit once. We watched him for a while in disbelief and awe.

A cool man singing the new Marseillais:

 At the french fry cafe - Guthrie's drawing of a man shooting something but I think it looks like a crazy guitar player!

 St. Jean church where the kids lit candles for my parents....
 Mediocre mime....

 Straight outside of the Anvers metro stop.....
 St. Jean window...

 St. Jean....

 On the above ground metro that the kids LOVE!
 A 100% chocolate ship!!!!
 100% chocolate Eiffel Tower!

 A collage inspired by Cyrille, my Lacanian psychoanalyst friend who said, "you just have to play with your structures". He brought a delicious wine with a fox on the label......hence the foil foxes....the top text read, "Mount Fuji does not exist."
 A collage with Amy White's letter incorporated into it:

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