Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Intense Proximity, la Triennale, Palais de Tokyo

France is such a funny country. The Palais de Tokyo has been "renovated" and was inaugurated by Sarkozy but the stairwells are full of graffiti and the walls cracking, basement floor wet, some of the rooms closed during the Triennial. I am not complaining - I actually love the old crumbling setting for much of the work but much of it was missing labels, too dark and too many videos going at once that you couldn't hear what you were watching. Overall, it is a very political exhibition and very uneven.....Here is a detail from the entrance doorway, for Amy Ruth:

 A film by Helen Levitt and James Agee - just a snippet:
 Metro sign ready to be rehung:

Is it possible to be revolutionary and love flowers?

 Rirkrit - got a t-shirt, "LESS OIL MORE COURAGE" for David + one for Laura Sharp Wilson, "FEAR EATS THE SOUL" = 13 euros each!

 Adrian Piper:

 When I came out of the show, someone had wrapped the statue with red yarn - lovely!


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