Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Annika Nordenskiold was an exchange student from Stockholm, Sweden at my high school. Her host family was so odd that she ended up living with my family and we became soul sisters of the highest order. She is one the most beautiful, glamorous, talented women I know and I count her among my best friends. She is an incredible artist - painter and sculptor, as well as an amazing mom. She arrived today from Sweden, staying in a hotel in Montmartre, to "getaway". She came for dinner - our first houseguest: potato gallette topped with arugula mixed salad, merguez sausages, a fried egg, baguette, cheese, margaritas, pastries.....Isn't she drop dead gorgeous?

Annika's little gift to me - a hand painted puzzle piece pin. She painted the rabbit! I love it and I love her.

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