Sunday, May 27, 2012

Arts et Metiers Musee = Art and Crafts Museum

A hot sunny Sunday with French toast for breakfast, made with yesterday's baguette. Kevin Parker is in town from Manchester because he gave a lecture at the Sorbonne yesterday on the science of vision. He came over for coffee and then we walked the few blocks to the incredible Art + Craft Museum - not what most Americans would expect - and one Kevin's favorites, so we were holding off on going until he was here. This amazing museum is full of old wavy glass and wooden cases of turntables, batteries, cameras, phones, typewriters, stenographer machines, gears, automatons and a church filled with  airplanes and chitty chitty bang bang this spy camera tie:

 An old Church is part of the museum and it is filled with crazy modern scaffolding ramps and planes and cars....

 I learned that Eiffel assisted on the Statue of Liberty. I always thought it was just Bertholdi. Here is Liberty David...
 Guthrie's dream machine


 A miniature replica model of the building of the Statue of Liberty

 The darkroom at Salpetriere (replica miniature model)
 Underneath one of the many models of the Statue of Liberty at this Museum, you can walk under the stairs and discover this amazing view

 One of the many auomatons

 An old and gorgeous bicycle
 My Manchester blue shoes and the red couches at the museum
 The first and only braille photograph I have ever seen.
 Experimental TV device


 Street graffiti on the way there

 Guthrie loving this museum
 Harper resting

 Kevin, David and Harper learning something
 Kids inside radios

 magic lantern wheels
 a camera to catch motion sequences
 A negative image of an old phone
 One of the first planes hanging in the amazing staircase

 model staircase

 stenographer's machine

 Typewriters for Amy White

 Crazy x-ray images on the windows.....

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  1. Fabulous photos! Love what you are doing with Lumiere, So amazing that I am here while you are. So jealous that you are staying... !