Saturday, May 19, 2012

Palais de Tokyo - Mexico: Resisting the Present

What an amazing Saturday. I made crepes for breakfast and then we went to the Palais de Tokyo - the Museum of Modern Art....
 Daniel Buren's wall facing Matisse

 One of my favorite paintings in their collection + I forgot to get the artist's name. It is a collage!

 Harper getting in the elevator
 The Matisse wall that Daniel Buren's striped paintings face
 Woman's hairdo on the metro
 Dufy's room
 Eko Nugroho, an Indonesian artist, who did a fabulous room installation that we all loved.

 Kusama flowers in Tuilleries garden
 Matisse's room
 An incredible show, Mexico: Resisting the Present:
 Brick wall on Kafka book, makes me remember Lee Delegard's wall of books

 100 disappeared children that you look at with magnifying glasses

 Another piece that reminded me of Lee Delegard's work - books on a stick
 Books on anarchy with black sandpaper covers. You could look through them. I love this.

 This piece kept churning, gears greased with motor oil

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  1. elin! I so wish I was there with you so that you could be my guide to Paris! It looks like you are seeing so many amazing things.