Monday, May 14, 2012

First 2 days in Paris

Meandering with the kids today after our nap, down cobblestone streets lined with Asian restaurants, wholesale shops, galleries and cool signs.

Blue + Orange = my favorite color combination + AGFA Portriga was my favorite photo paper. This was at the Vide Grenier (Attic Sale) yesterday just down the street from our glorious apartment, upon our arrival to Paris after just 2 hours sleep for the kids and I during the whole journey over. They are such troopers.
Harper sucked on her arm to make it appear as if the bats bit her. At the flea market yesterday.
The Paris, France Hotel across the street from our place, reflected in our bedroom mirror table.
The kids spotted this bird wing on the sidewalk just outside of the Arts et Metiers (Arts and Crafts) Museum.

Guthrie, Harper and David on our doorstep on our way to the flea market.

Guthrie with his new sword, made in Toledo, Spain.

Harper on our bed this morning after 12 hours of sleep while Guthrie still slept.

Harper in our bedroom mirror table.

The first thing we saw at the flea market: a spinning bird device and a pellet gun.
Our first "gargoyle"!

Stumbled into this amazing sculpture show, Etats Brut (Brutal States), at the Kogan Gallery by Tarik Essalhi.

Love this wall near our place - ripped spidery paper.

An enlarger at the flea market.


  1. You know how I said "don't spend all your money the first day"?
    I take it back. I hope you bought the bats.