Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Notre Dame on a sunny Wednesday

I must still be jetlagged because I did not get out of bed until 11am (after making iPhone films with Harper in my bed). We walked to Notre Dame and this is what we saw on the way:

A bell inside Notre Dame

A statue and branch in the church beside Beaubourg/Pompidou Center

This church feels so forgotten, ignored and low key compared to Notre Dame. The organist was playing while we were there and people were actually praying.
A chandelier under repair in Notre Dame
The Memorial tot he Deporation in Paris: To the 200,000 French martyrs dead in deportation camps....

Details of Notre Dame

The spinning disc behind Notre Dame after chocolate crepes:

Guthrie making a big bubble near Hotel de Ville

Guthrie's homemade hat out of a cushion
Harper making bubbles

Harper eating her chocolate crepe
Harper's bubble

Notre Dame

A bridge covered in locks near Notre Dame

Madonna candles in Notre Dame
Our street

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