Friday, May 18, 2012


Went to the neighborhood morning market for fruit, cheese and other delectables. On the way we found this old photo shop with a Godard Breathless poster in the door's window and a cool plexi box filled with anonymous photos for 1 euro each.

See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil = 3 monkeys...

 Arts et Metiers (arts and crafts) Metro stop
 Catacombs - a cross between Chris Marker's La Jettee, The Facteur de Cheval / Palais Ideal, a dizzying hell and a damp purgatory.
 anorexic mannequins

 Arts et Metiers Metro station

 Everyone Together, Francois Hollande! The second socialist president of France since WWII (Mitterand being the first and only until now.)

 A Yves Klein wall outside of the catacombs
 Subway poster for a film Cabin in the Woods
 Mid-Morning cafe creme and orangina

 Catacombs are surreal and disturbing - the bones of over 6 million people dug up from cemeteries for fear of them spreading disease and as the priests brought them underground to arrange them in crazy patterns and structures, they sang and held ceremonies.

 A hotel room across the street from our 5th floor apartment

 Mayan mask show

Russian (?) musicians in the Rue de Rivoli Metro station
 Our teeny tiny elevator

 Guthrie's Japanese paper robot that took us an hour to put together
 Subway signs/light boxes that I love

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