Sunday, May 20, 2012

Musee de la Chasse de la Nature / Museum of Hunting and Nature

What a wonderful day with my sister Madeleine and my family in Paris. Woke up at 9am and made French Toast with yesterday's perfect baguette, served with cassis, blueberry and raspberry jam and creme fraiche, coffee; walked to the bird market near Notre Dame and saw this architectural detail:
 Peeked into the Archives courtyard and saw this huge poster of an old old ledger book that is a bound book of every document that one man notarized.....(for Amy White)
 A bush in the Archives courtyard
 A black tissue for Annika Nordenskiold
 Kids eating fancy cupcakes in the Archives courtyard
 Gay Male choir singing Lily Allen's Fuck You (written for George Bush Jr.) on a Sunday morning outside a playground/park

 One of the most amazing museum I have ever been to - thanks to Annika for the recommendation a few days ago, we happened to stumble past it - Museum of Hunting and Nature in Le Marais.

 One thing I especially love about this museum is the combination of ultra-contemporary art exhibited alongside ancient tapestries and porcelain sculptures.....including a Mark Dion installation room of a hunting cabin basedon the Sommers actual hunting cabin. The Sommers were hunter-environmentalists (?***!!!!!!) and pushed for this foundation.
 On the way back from the bird market

 Harper trying to fix a cat poster on the wall, something I had photographed with her a few days ago.
 Harper petting a bunny at the bird market

 Kids being animals in the courtyard of the Hunting Museum
 Aunt Madeleine from Hong Kong via London with Guthrie
 Rabbits at the Hunting Museum

 An owl quilted ceiling!!!!!!!!

 You could pull out these framed drawings and drawers of teeth and artifacts throughout the museum for each animal. I LOVE this drawing.

 A cardboard forest filling an entire wall
 Archives courtyard

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