Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Louvre, Rodin, Deyroll

Because of the torrential downpour, I did not bring my heavy Nikon to the Louvre but am thrilled with all these iPhone pictures!

 This detail of this crazy green and pink painting looks SO CONTEMPORARY but it is not.

 This is my favorite picture so far in Paris - Egyptian hands:
 Egyptian dress

 elin and Harper on the metro going to the Louvre
 Guthrie happy at a sphinx
 Guthrie's photograph of a sphinx:
 Guthrie -
 Another favorite of mine, by Harper:
 Harper studying the map of the Louvre

 The floor at the Louvre:
 The Mona Lisa

 Saint Lucy, for Mark Alice Durant

Man playing boule in the garden at Palais Royal:

 Daniel Buren courtyard at a temporary performance space at Palais Royal
 Corinne and Madeleine at Daniel Buren
 elin + Madeleine at Daniel Buren
 Comedie Francaise
                                                                     Cock knocker
 David and the kids Dancing to Ingrid Michaelson's, "everybody everybody wants to love, everybody everybody wants to be loved...." when daddy got home early from an overnight trip to Lyon....

 Corinne with our cocktails at Palais Royal face - a mojito for her, a campari pamplemousse (grapefruit) for me and a cointreau bubbles for my sister Madeleine
 Deyroll, a crazy incredible shop since the early 1800s of taxidermied animals, insect and butterfly specimens, garden paraphenelia, and perfume, of course! (No photos allowed of the taxidermied animals.)

 A very cool show at Galerie Maeght - this Peruvian artist was my favorite, gouache on antique Italian prints

 Guthrie's amazing mask drawing
 Kathy Hudson, I didn't know you were in Paris!
 Madeleine and Guthrie on the metro on the way to the Louvre
 Madeleine and the kids trying to build the Eiffel Tower
 Gardens at Rodin Museum

 My sister Madeleine at the Madeleine station
 Palais Royal gardens

 Saw the Joel Peter Witkin show at the Bibliotheque Nationale and sometimes I really do not like him.

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