Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La Pontoise + Tama

Tama leaves tomorrow after a heavenly week in Paris. I took her to the amazing restaurant La Pontoise and we strolled there and back for several hours, seeing an incredible Taryn Simon show on the way. This menu on glass at the Cafe Regis made us think of and miss Amy White:
 Anti-World? How is that possible in Paris? The world always seems more beautiful and possible here.....
 Hat store where Tama got her son a fabulous grey and white striped ribbon hat!

 Guthrie's double-sided mask nest to his bedroom lamp....
 Guthrie in his room with his Spanish sword
 Harper in the morning, fresh as a flower

 Harper's picture of mommy all dressed for the day
 random window

 Tama's lunch: mille feuille with bettroot and goat cheese, not to mention dollops of pesto, olive oil, vinegar and honey at La Pontoise
 My foie gras with figs, honey, sun-dried tomato, red peppercorns and sea salt

 Prize chickens
 Cafe Regis
 Double Self for Felix
 Tama at La Pontoise

 Tama Sontag

 Elin and Tama photographing Amy White in Paris

 Harper exhausted after dinner and a tiny bit sunburned
 Hunting Museum courtyard window

 Never forget

 A great orange hat but I can not wear wool

 still life
 peonies that i bought for myself on the way home - sitting in front of the Daniel Buren poster we bought and hung
 Peonies on our dining room table and my kir royal - creme de cassis + cremant

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  1. Thank you, sweet friend, for this beautiful post with me as costar!! Your photos and presentation are perfet! xo