Saturday, May 26, 2012

Museum of Evolution = INCROYABLE!

What an amazing Saturday! David has a 3-day weekend (some mysterious bank holiday on Monday) so we decided to have fun and find a divine pastry shop - Stohrer - for deep chocolate tart, rosier (pink macaron with fresh raspeberries, a raspeberry tart and then go to the Museum of Evolution = more animals! A hot and sunny day, I decided to shoot photos only with my iPhone.......

So much great gaffiti in Paris.

 Loving the sidewalk pattern and loving my family....
 At the Evolution Museum, crazy fish!
 Guilthi's = Guthrie's!
 Chocolate tart with gold leaf
 Harper in blue door
 Harper at an astonishingly divine cafe, Le Pas Sage, in a gorgeous Passage...
 Harper and her Polar Bear Friend
 Harper's Rosier - pink macaron with fresh raspberries and cream and a real red rose petal!
 Le Passage
 Alice, for Carol Mavor, window treatment in the extinct section of the Evolution Museum

 Wallpaper in bathroom in Le Passage
 The biggest shell I have ever seen

 A champagne shop


 An enormous egg


 A Film Set:
 French Wolf, for Chris Musina
 G A L A X Y

 Paper hearts on the street outside of Le Passage

 Mint Water at Le Pas Sage
 Mohammed Ali!
 Our tarts!
 Parti Socialiste 1st Arrondisement

 Strohrer pastry shop
 Stocking shop


 Metro station

 Late afternoon Pastis
 Our neighborhood public sculpture

 Scallop shells, also for Carol Mavor

 Sphinx Fountain
 Stairs in Le Passage


 Tractor for Kevin Parker, who is in Paris and we will see him tomorrow!
 Woman and mushroom????!!!!


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  1. U T T E R L Y A M A Z I N G ! ! !
    I LOVE what you are doing in the presentation of your already fabulous photographs!