Friday, May 25, 2012

Daniel Buren's MONUMENTA at Grand Palais

Now Paris is hot and sunny. Everyone is out at the cafes and openings, pouring through the metro stations and rues. The kids and I went to the Grand Palais today to see Daniel Buren's MONUMENTA and the big + beautiful ANIMAL BEAUTY show. (No pictures allowed of Animal show.) The Buren installation is quite spectacular but in the hot sun, we were all dizzy.

 The ceiling in the mirror on the floor:

 Guthrie's picture of the 3 of us on one of Buren's mirror disks....
 Harper's version:

 Buren Cafe, my favorite picture in this series:

 Harper's Eiffel Tower drawing and Guthrie's Post-Dr.-Seuss-Character:

 Guthrie with afternoon drawing
 Kids on the crazy antique couch that is not very comfortable....

 Harper's Eiffel Tower

My first collage in Paris:

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