Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tama is here!

 Madeleine left this early afternoon and Tama Hochbaum arrived yesterday, staying at her sister's, just a few blocks away. Above is our apartment building. We are on the 5th floor.

Annika Nordenskiold at Rino last week, looking as young and fun as ever.....
 A neighborhood building on the edge of our park at dusk

 The back of a painting in a Galerie window
 Graffiti truck (for Tama)
 Harper back in NC at guitar lesson
 Marilyn in a galerie window
 me in our tiny elevator


 our church alleyway vines
 Place des Vosges

 Crazy saturated color at dusk with Tama

So very cool to stroll through Paris with another NC photographer, blogger and friend, artist, mother, sister, foodie, pleasure seeker and lover of life!

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