Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Musee Carnivalet, Atget, Meandering

 Truly an incredible exhibition of Atget's photographs at the Musee Carnivalet (History of Paris Museum). The show included man Ray's album - one of Atget's handmade albums that Man Ray purchased. I did not know that Bernce Abbot was Man Ray's assistant and championed Atget's work. She photographed Atget right before he died at 44 rue de Bac (2 doors down from Deyrolle - the taxidermied shop from yesterday!) When she went to give him a print, he had died.
 I also did not know that he exposed his glass plate negatives on printing out paper to natural light - the paper was never "developed". He washed, gold-toned, washed, fixed and washed again to achieve his sepia rich browns and violet burgundys, gold halos

I want this car

Guthrie with his morning drawing, "Hitler lies here. He was a horrible man."
Guthrie in his cushion hat and Toledo sword.

Guy Bourdin's book for sale at Marc Jacobs. Guy is my ex-father-in-law.
Hopeless Hollande?!
Madeleine and Miyagi, her friend from Hong Kong, originally from Nagasaki. He is holding Madeleine's new book, Fifty Stories, Fifty Images, to the page with a picture of him. This is after a delicious sushi lunch at the restaurant where he works.

Me in the morning at our bedroom with a page from Italian Vogue from a great story on Tilda Swinton.

I photographed this key shop 25 years ago when I was married to Samuel Bourdin. It is near where Guy's apartment was in Le Marais.

A rose kir (rose with creme de cassis) on our bedroom mirror table

Aunt Madeleine and family watching Herbie Goes Bananas

Wrapped statue on le Musee Carnivalet

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