Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Last Few Magical Days: Gustave Moreau, Bernard Faucon, Carol Mavor......

 Above is Carol very happy at my favourite little French restaurant in Paris - Le Petit Pontoise - where I have taken Lisa Ross and her mother, Tama, and now Carol! It was a hot night and we got a table outside, even without reservations! We had a kir and I had a baked camembert with honey and almonds, served with fresh arugula and a tangy vinegar with fresh bread, followed by the foie gras with fig, red peppercorns, coarse salt and a sundried tomato. Carol had the sea bass in vanilla sauce with a whole vanilla bean inside the whole fish, served with grilled vegetables in lemon. We walked home afterwards, strolling with thousands of others through the city of light and love under a beautiful moon with fire hulahoopers and churches aglow.....Here is some neighborhood graffiti from today:
 Notre Dame last night:

 Le Marais barbershop on our way to Bernard Faucon's.....
 Lunch near the Gusatve Moreau Museum, at the Trinite metro:

 Goofy pictures of Carol and me by the kids:

 Doorknob at the florist where Carol bought Bernard Faucon orchids!
 Bernard Faucon's wall:
 The butterless cake he made for us with chestnut filling:
 The lights projected on his wall with Carol's orchid gift:
 On our way to lunch:

 Gustave Moreau, a symbolist genius with an outrageous studio:

 Carol making a film while the kids wait and look. Guthrie may grow up to be a tour guide. He knows so much about Greek and Roman myths and can explain so much about Moreau's paintings based on the titles.

 Kids at the top of the amazing staircase:

 Handsome guard:

 Carol and the orchids:
 Galerie Perrotin
 which was filled with "heartless" art, according to Carol. I agree, but I do like the idea of knives through vintage paintings, despite the violent disrespect:

 This is all BEADED but Liza Lou does it with soul.

 Still all beaded:
 The knives spell out Q U I E T:

 A window display on Rue du Pont aux Choux, the street I lived on with Samuel Bourdin many moons ago:
 Christian Boltanski in a gallery window:

 Discarded catscratchpost
 A R T:

 Nuclear reactor exhibiton:

 Street stencil:

Trumpets on Faucon's street:
 wall for Amy White:

 Love this picture of Carol on the metro behind an older gentleman:

 Moreau's bedroom:
 his hallway:
 his  sitting room:

Parc des Buttes Chaumont:

 Harper carrying the flowers for Carol:

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