Sunday, July 22, 2012

MAC VAL with Jina Valentine

 Went to MAC VAL today with UNC colleague Jina Valentine - a cool contemporary art museum in the Paris suburbs. We got to see the show SITUATION(s) and their permanent collection. This is from the collection: Upside Down Revolution or Inverse Revolution, above.

Jakob Guetal was my favorite piece in the Situation(s) show:
 Jakob Gautel's Maria Theodora, his Indonesian-born ancestor from the 1860s, he had European and Asian models pose as her....

 The costume the models wore:
 Maria Theodora:

 Jina and I voguing in front of a video about voguing:
 Metro poster doubled:

 Jina listening to Annette Messager talk about children tearing apart dolls and ripping out hair:

 Jina explaining her brilliant piece for the Studio Museum in Harlem for a show in response to Romare Bearden this summer, inspired by the book THE ART OF MEMORY, over an odd "brunch" of poppy seed, feta and tomato muffins with tomato coulis and a tiny salad:

 This Polish artist wrote WHY in Polish in the snow and burned the text, filmed it, projected it, photographed the projection with some neon in front of it and then printed those images, very big color prints:

and now:
 Very big gouache drawings that i loved:

 A big public Dubuffet in the roundabout right outside MAC VAL:

 A very nice and mesmerizing film by Melani Manchot, Dance (All Night, Paris) of a public square filled with dancers dancing all kinds of different dances to theirheadphones; the soundtrack is only the night and their moves....
 Project for Mars:

 M E M O R Y was carved out of styrofoam and inserted into the wall seamlessly:

 Annette Messager - i found it repulsive abd stupid at first but these flying scalps, dancing wigs, amputated and dynamic hairs grew on me:

 Did not like this wooden tree with neon leaves but i loved the placement in the room in front of the window:

 P A R A M O U R, loved the reflection on the floor as much as the piece on the wall:

 Loved these 2 big watercolors by Petrovitch:

 The Station was gorgeous, by Michel de Broin, a miniature scene in a box about 5ft. x 4ft. x 4ft.:

 His accompanying video of a car illuminated from within driving circles:

 The closest metro to our apartment, same block, TEMPLE:
 Our water glasses on the MAC VAL patio:
A short film called THE MIRACLE at MAC VAL:

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