Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marche aux Puces / Flea Market

 What to do on another cloudy + chilly Sunday when your girl wakes up at 10:30 after sleeping 13 hours and after eating crepes with homemade apricot jam and honey, nutella and orange marmelade, it is already 12noon? Go the flea market! Taxidermy has been a recurring theme this summer....These doll heads were pliable, soft rubber - I should have bought them.

 This is not a pretty sign for the BEST ice cream in Paris, just around the corner from our apartment: fleur d'orange; dark chocolate; avocado; cinnamon; white chocolate; pear; apricot; green tea; nut...all with fresh fruit and no preservatives, made by a cool Italian woman, Mary, who speaks in Italian-French-English....
 Metro poster ripped open:
 Drawings on a metro poster:
 Another metro poster ripped, this one for MAC VAL, a contemporary art museum outside of Paris:
 Third ripped Metro poster....
I love this wall in our neighborhood, always changing:

 Harper in the park late this afternoon
 Hats next door:
 Posters on our building:
 David + Guthrie playing soccer:

Place Vendome yesterday in the drizzling rain, walking to Tuileries from Galeries Lafayettes madhouse July sale:
 Lightpost at the Opera

 The Opera on Bastille Day, Juillet 14:
 Ad for SNCF, French public transportation - go figure!
 Men's swimsuit at Galeries Lafayette - David almost bought it but we couldn't imagine him in it at the Exchange Pool in Chapel Hill
 View of Paris from Galeries Lafayette - don't let the blue sky trick you - it was only blue for 5 minutes!
 Louis Vuitton store window:

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