Sunday, July 29, 2012

Huong Ngo in Belleville!

What a terrific 1 night visit from Huong Ngo. Today was breezy and cool and we went to the Hunting Museum - my 3rd visit! Each time I discover something else and today it was the temporary contemporary exhibit of a room with the walls covered with drawings and another room with half a boat and a mirror - shown later. Then we walked through Belleville - a funky neighborhood filled with Muslim, Asian + Afrian shops and people, food and graffiti, and a very cool flea market that ran blocks and blocks. Huong got a great black purse and some photographs and I got a great old photo album and photos. The lady we bought stuff from gave us each a ladybug pin! Here is Huong in front of a paint covered sign - a perfect circle......

 Antlers in the ceiling of the hunting museum.....

 Incredible Baklava shop. We each had a piece and it tasted like pistachio marzipan!
 Bears at hunting museum.....

 See these "beds" all over town lately. This one comes with a picture, a light and a toilet:
 and a power switch attached to the wall!
 for Lesley McCullough:
 For Taj Forer and Michael Itkoff:

 Falcon hats:

 Window handle through the the curtain at the hunting museum:
 glowing pumping hearts:
 Huong photographing cacti:

Huong in front of the cardboard forest at the hunting museum:

 man with a big nose on the sidewalk in Belleville:
 Chinese posters at the flea market:
 Half a boat at the hunting museum made whole by a mirror:
 reminds me of k'cho:

 cool 3 wheeled vehicle:
 dead xmas tree in the back of the cool motocar with huong enjoying it all:
 olives and capers in Belleville:
 My favorite owl collage at the hunting museum:

 Paris Est - a very cool saran wrap banner in Belleville:
 for Alfredo Jaar:
 After Jeff Wall:

 Hunting museum room covered with drawings:
 Shop window in Belleville:

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