Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cllignancourt Flea Market / Marche aux Puces

The above painting of a skull on an old photograph is the treasure I bought today at the flea market from a man named Petraeus. I love it.

This girl was wheatpasted onto a Marais wall:
Anne Hathway detail from Dark Knight metro poster:
Harper in David's jacket this morning when we got to the big Clignancourt Flea Market:
The pedestrian tunnel under the Arc de Triomphe

Woman at The Amazing Spiderman movie on the Champs Elyssee:
Harper in her 3D glasses
I LOVED the movie, especially with Harper on my lap for most of it:
The flea market was glorious, immense, all kinds of everything and more.....

Pickpocketer detail in a flea market mural:
Thinking of Betsy Towns:
Old Carousel parts:

The beret we got for Harper:

D U C H A M P :

More Petreaus:

David wearing/holding Harper's hat on top of his own, so cute!

Chez Louisette, the funky restraunt Nancy Brown recommended to us in the middle of the flea market, with live music, videos follow the picture:

Harper resting after lunch:

Jesus of Prague - wish I could add it to my collection!

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