Thursday, July 12, 2012

Social Life of Plants with Jina Valentine

 The above building is the French Ministry of Communication and you would never know!
A building near the Francois Mitterand library in the 12th arrodnisment.

 Saint Eustace

 A Keith Haring piece in Saint Eustace!

 Julian, the boy who hurt Guthrie with a piece of metal to the chin, foreshadowing the event - in the theatre workshop.
 Jina Valentine at Cafe Livres over fresh croissants and coffee
 Porcelain fruit and vegetables in a window:

 The Social Life of Plants exhibition at a space where Jina's friend works:

 Cocoa beans

 Mark Dion's stuffed animal gear in a tub of tar

 Lois Weinberg, for Lee Delegard
 Real Tree mushrooms (what are these things called again?)
 Corn for Nicole Bauguss

 Claire Pentacost again, right near the Mark Dion, just like at the dOCUMENTA13
 billy goat eating tomatoes

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