Friday, July 13, 2012

July Rain

 In the driving chilly rain last night we ventured out for foccaccia right around the corner with our stitched up boy and ear aching girl. What a delight to have the best chilled rose and divine foccaccia and have some fun, everyone on the mend. Above are 2 happy campers! And below 2 more!

My delicious white pizza with truffles, mushrooms and arugula!
 Guthrie at the brasserie Le Blanc Cassis, which he promptly translated as The White Cassis. We had to have a drink while waiting for the Foccaceria to open. I had a Campari Orange and David had an Americano Maison.

 Guthrie's pizza with ham - so pink in this photo!
 Harper's yummy fresh mozzerrella and basil pizza:

 This morning on the metro.
 Pouring water into grenadine syrup!
 Menu at the Foccacceria:
 Waiting for drinx:
 Saying goodbye to daddy in the morning:
 A demonstration for people with papers, out our window:
 Guthrie in David's jacket and hat:

 Dusk a few nights ago out our living room window:



  1. So fabulous. Wish I was there.... ♡

  2. Guthrie: from Woody to Waits!
    Harper: the basil leaves echo your smile!
    David: Ooo la la - are you looking French!
    elin: You need to make a new book with all these photographs!

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