Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last week at the Parrot Mill in Aveyron

 After a week in the heavenly mill in the southern French sun and a pool, Guthrie was a very happy boy. (Above) Here he is dancing at breakfast the day before we headed back to Paris.

Barbara Mellor translated this amazing book, RESISTANCE, a memoir by Agnes Humbert, one of the first people of the French Resistance against the Nazis. I posted about it on my Lyon blog a couple years ago and Barbara and I became virtual friends. She owns the millhouse we rented! Annika was reading a book by Yoko Ono!
 Astor and Arvid, Father and son playing
 Arvid popped into my frame just as I clicked the shutter of this gorgeous front door window
 blurry dried flowers at the top of the stairs to our bedroom
 the metal vase the dried flowers are in
 freeing one of the several frogs that got stuck in the pool in the river that ran around and under the house
 Mama wearing one of the 3 necklaces Guthrie made from stuff he found in the house
 Guthrie the tinkerer, sunburned under his sombrero

 Necklace maker, tinkerer
 Annika demonstrating

 Annika and Arvid and the fiberglass seal
 One of my favorite pictures - Annika and Tuva

 So delicious - these must have been the biggest artichokes I have ever seen and eaten - perfectly steamed and served with lemon butter and sea salt

 Arvid, cassis prince
 David and Arvid saying goodbye

 Astor and Guthrie saying goodbye
 Our next to last breakfast on the balcony
 Castle on the way down south at a rest stop gas station
 cat's cradle
 one of the 2 roasted chickens for dinner, with potatoes, apples, carrots, onions, lemon, garlic

 Arvid and David drinking margaritas in the kitchen
 elin and Annika saying goodbye

 Harper and elin by the pool
 fireplace kettle
 fish painted around on the wall
 kitchen windowsill over the river
 bedroom window
 freeing the frog
 frog pond
 Breakfast fruit salad, our goodbye meal for the Nordenskiolds who left for Spain and then back home to Sweden the day before we left....
 goats on the side of the road
 Harper and Guthrie looking out their bedroom windows in Paris

 Harper and Tuva playing near the pool
 Harper in Daddy's hat
 you and me plate / moi et toi
 Happy Guthrie

 Dancing happy Harper

 David taking Harper out into a field to roll - something she really wanted to do

 Harper making a collage with flour, water and newspaper, flowers and pen

 Feeding mama horse down the road on our way back to Paris
 Harper photographing the Nordenskiold Family
 Harper in a field, my beautiful love child

 Harper rolling in the field in David's shirt

 Hay bales on a truck on our way North

 Dining room hook
 Kitchen window
 Trying to find where to return the rent-a-car under the Louvre after a 12 hour drive that should have been 7.....
 A local mayor's office in the South

 Stones and glass from the river...

 Paris after the gay pride parade during the 4 hours it took us to go 2 miles!
 One of the many salad in the south

 Arvid and Tuva making apple crumble
 Swedish meatballs!
 Kitchen table
 Annika and Tuva saying goodbye to us

 Tuva and Harper saying goodbye

Our crazy 2 families together on a sweltering day in a tiny town with a medieval castle and church...

A for Arvid, Astor and Annika

H for Harper


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