Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dinner at Le Timbre + Paris at Night

 A beautiful antique store across the street from the kids' 2 week theatre camp - near Saint Roch cathedral and the Tuileries Gardens - lucky kids!

David's niece Madeleine and her best friend are visiting from Winston-Salem, NC and they babysat last night so we had our first romantic night out alone and it was marvelous. We walked all the way home through the perfectly cool dusk > night from the 6th arrondisement / Saint Germain de Pres to our neighborhood, 3rd arrondisement, the north of le Marais. This is the Paris Bellfroi - belltower in the 6th:

 My dessert at Le Timbre (stamp) - a postage stamp size restaurant with a chef from Manchester, UK filled with tourists but amazing. This was a "cone" filled with gentiane foam on a twirl swirl of cassis:

 La Duree window

 A very sad exhibition at the Paris City Hall of the French children, mostly Jewish, who were deported during WWII. I had to go to the bathroom and sob. Vitrines full of artifacts - beauitful drawings and letters, toys, handmade paper doll sets, identity cards, photographs - no photos were allowed so I can not share it with you.

 Guthrie at theatre camp with his mask on in front of the RED chalkboard!
 Harpie in her mask day 1
 Harper in her mask day 2

 Arts et Metier metro station on the way to camp

 David's new fantasy is that I look like Marilyn (and we are actually the same size, a 12) and he wants me to grow my hair out! A hard dream to fulfill!

 Stumbling upon an entire ancient wall inscribed with a Rimbaud poem was pretty incredible, The Wild Boat:

 Door handle
 Saint Sulpice

 Our appetizers at Le Timbre - we started with a perfectly chilled sparkling rose; I had foie gras with toasted crescents and a sprinkling of ground pepper and rock salt.....David had the terrine de compagne (country pate) with delicious onion confiture, pickles and fresh bread; we shared a delicious bottle of Beumes de Venise red
 David's main course: confit de canard with stuffed peppers
 David's dessert, a millefeuille with a powdered sugar T for timbre. I must confess that I do not much care for millefeuille - usually a thousand layers of pastry with cream. Timbre's millefeuille is perfect: real dollops of thich vanilla cream between buttery caramelized crispy layers
 David's pate
 My Foie gras waiting for me
 Happy David who reminded me, quite spontaneously, that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I am so happy!
 The famous Manchester chef who does everything - cook, dishes, answers the phone with the help of one sweet and competent waitress....
 Daily special: beef kidneys with wild mushrooms and a vanilla and apricot compote - we declined.
 the chef again:
 My absolutely perfect magret de canard (duck) with roasted peaches!
 Who profits from tourism?


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