Saturday, July 28, 2012

Huong Ngo is Here to see Palais de Tokyo's Trienniale, Intense Proximity.....

 Huong arrived today on the Eurostar from London. She was in a conference on Utopias in Liverpool. We went to see Enwezor's Triennial at the Palais de Tokyo, Intense Proximity. I am glad I went again, as I had missed whole sections of the labrynthian space....Below are "protest banners":

 By Miklos Onucsan......(lots of roumanian artists in the show.)
 These nestling books reminded me of Ashley Florence's brilliant MFA show at UNC this past spring.
 One ceiling at the Palais....
 Odd sculpture perfectly fallen in a clean white space, a rare space in the show....
 GETA BRATESCU is an 86 year old Romanian artist - one of Huong and my newly learned favorite artists!
 Stairwell markings;

 At Geta's perfect circles:
 As anyone who knows HUONG ngo, she is gorgeous, full of style and spunk, funk and grace - she glows and people stare and get happy!

 Terry Adkins films were amazing - see later on down in this blog:

 Terry Adkins video:

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