Monday, July 9, 2012

Paris in July !

 Out shopping yesterday on an unusual Sunday when lots of stores were open for the big July sales after a typical French lunch in a brasserie with David's niece and friend...David found an extraordinary leather jacket and 3 pairs of super fantastic art pants - french designed and made in Italy. Guthrie hates shopping but he was a sport, as you can see!
 Yet another taxidermy shop full of "animals that died natural deaths" - so says the sign in the window...

 Amazing bookshop in the Galerie Vivienne, unfortunately it was closed.
 Cross in a little prayer chapel in a big church dedicated to the relics of Saint Therese.
 Towards the altar in the little chapel....

 I am struck by the intensely cultural and intellectual daily life of the typical Parisian....

 Metro poster details:
 Palais Royal window - very expensive shop that looks like retro cheap to me!
 Found art:
 Harper in the waiting room of the local doctor who saw her right away and diagnosed a serious ear infection and prescribed 3 medicines that I picked up quickly at the nearby pharmacy - all walking and totalling $100 that will be fully reimbursed by the French system because David is a "civil servant".

 She already feels better after the ear drops, codeine and antibiotics.....
 LE TIGRE (for kathleen hanna)
 Metro poster:
 Meerte chocolate shop:

 David in his new red pants (not one of the super hip new pairs but yet another new pair bought the day before) holding the chocolate we chose at Meerte: chocolate noisette et orange = divine!

 Old wall detail in Galerie Vivienne:

 Snowy owl in the taxidermy shop, for Harper's friend Ashe:

 Palais Royal:

 Marquis de Sade!
 Cafe tables:

 Window washer at he Palais Royal:
 Wold door handle in le Marais:
 Woolf store in Galerie Vivienne:

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