Thursday, July 19, 2012

Delacroix Museum

 Another luxurious day wandering around Paris with the kids. Went to see the Sigalit Landau show per Susanne's suggestion and strolled through the Latin Quarter for hours...antique shops, graffiti

 Stumbled upon the Delacroix Museum and I loved it - these are things he bought in Morocco in the late 1800s:
 A portrait of Delacroix:
 By Delacroix:
 Perfect for someone, me, reading The Tiger's Wife!

 Delacroix's maid who watched him die in his bedroom, by Delacroix:
 I love this boy's eyes:
 Delacroix's studio that he built in the courtyard behind his apartment:
 Madeleine, for my sister Madeleine, even though I do not like how drugged this Madeleine looks:

 Not by Delacroix but I found this painting of 2 dogs so funny:
 My favorite painting by Delacroix in the museum, a study after Goya - I love how the theatre stage looks like meat:

 Guthrie reading Darke, the Septimus Heap series, by Angie Sage in Delacroix's studio:
 An old print of Delacroix's studio:
 Delacroix's palette:
 LOVE his prints!

 Guthrie tying his shoes on our entranceway:
 Harper in her 10 euro hat, like daddy's:

 Delacroix's studio today:

 Window display of jellied treats - not my thing:

 Picasso painted GUERNICA in this building!!!!!

 The memorial in our park to the children in the 3rd Arrondisement who were deported during WWII for being Jewish:

 Sigalit Landau's sculptures - ho hum - but her videos of olive trees were incredible and i will post those later:

 The most beautiful shop I have been in, in Paris, where I bought an expensive dress, but 1/2 off, Chz Vidalenc, run  by and all the clothes made by Philippe who was first a photographer inspired by Guy Bourdin (my ex-father-in-law......surreally, i think i saw Samuel Bourdin, my 1st husband, last night on the street: our eyes met and we both looked away....)

 Yarn bombing in Paris:

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