Thursday, July 5, 2012

dOCUMENTA13 == 2nd installment

Impossible to convey the intensity of emotion and spectacular experience of sitting in William Kentrdige's installation, Refusal of Time, in the screwed down chairs set up in higgedly piggedly style while a wooden loom=like machine swoops back and forth and 4 films illuminate the walls with clocks, dances, constellations, Kentridge climbing chairs, a baroque crescendo of metronomes and books......but here is a small iPhone movie made from the 26 minute installation that was the very last one we saw and it made us very happy. Kentridge, like Beuys, is a genius.
 My friend's very cool German apartment in Heidleberg:
 The trees in the backyard through the cool German blinds in my bedroom at my friend's parents' house:
 Clay bells under the winegarden and over the bunker by Adrian Villar Rojas:

 This Jonathan Borofksy man walking up into the sky has been in Kassel ever since I can remember. He now walks in front of the old main trainstation used only for local trains and art.....
 The bunker under the wine terraces that held 2 art installations. The bunkers were enough. I did not need the art. They were cold on a hot day and mostly unavailable for viewing but the peek was worth it. I could not imagine being down there with lots of other people while bombs fall. Before it was a bunker, it was used to store beer and ice....
 Bunker comrade 1
 Allora and Calzadilla projected an image of a world famous flautist playing an ancient flute made of a vulture's bone as a vulture watches on, with the screeching and soft sound down underground, I was almost convinced but I just anted the weight of the bunker....

 Bunker Comrade 2
 Very funny piece by Muller of 3 boats filled with chard plants and to crossover you have to be coordinated and willing ti look stupid and fall.....
 Chard from my homestate of MAINE!

 Another piece in the old main train station....truly incredible. I could picture this in the LOOM shows we did in Pittsboro with Jeff Waites and so many others:
 Crazy gorgeous suits without bodies, hovering suspended next to a sweatshop made entirely of wood:

 My friend's beautiful and generous parents:

 She keeps an exquiste garden and makes delicious food, reads fabulous books and looks half her age.

 FIONA HALL'S camoufaluged hunting house of extinct species in the park:

 Lunchbreak: coffee, diet coke, pfannkuchen (super thin pizza) with mozzerrella, arugula, egg.....

 Chris's enormous gnocchi one night for dinner
 My fantastic green linguine with pfefferlinge mushrooms and speck with prosecco and elderflower syrup...
 The house where I stayed, view from my bedroom
 Above my bed on a shelf
 The fabulous Guidebook to the dOCUMENTA13. I bought one. Chris carried hers/this one around for us....
 A drawing my 6 year old daughter Harper did for Chris when she was visiting us here in Paris. Chris has it perched on a shelf in Heidelberg now!

 Lida Abdul's amazing double screen projection of a man walking into the water with a red flag. "What we have overlooked."

 My friend's beautiful mother who reminds me of my own German mother, paints and this is one of them in my friend's apartment. I love it.
 Mushrooms in the Kassel park
 Mushrooms and mole hills. I think of Alice Stewart molehill roller.....
 Not officially part of the dOCUMENTA13 but on the grounds of the park. I think it's part of the art school.
 Chris's grandmother / oma as a little girl:
 Giuseppe Penone!!!!!!

 Chris's mother preparing stuffed peppers as we leave Kassel
 The Sanatorium, a piece by Pedro Reves but manned by young, smoking, obnoxiously loud French boys. My friend and I did a "fake mudras relaxation session" with a serious young woman. We sat in a circle of chairs in the open but covered air and chilled out. Perfect after hours of walking.

 Sam Durant's SCAFFOLD (after gallows) - ambitious and full of meaning but cold cold cold:

 My shnitzel in green sauce with roasted potatoes and eggs:
 Headed back to paris on the train, slick, sleek, comfortable - why can't the U.S. be like this? I love Europe, despite all the problems and flaws, it still moves me more than my own country and I feel at home here.
 A gorgeous weeping willow tree in the park, better than most of the art in the park.
 Gabriel Lester's TRANSITION was a great transition between kids running and screaming through it into a calm and quiet ring of darkness and light, possibility and space....

 Heidelberg whole corn crackers.....
 War memorial in the Kassel park

 The old main strain station

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